Flat Mummy Tummy Method

Seal Diastasis Recti, lose post-pregnancy weight safely and get a flat tummy in just 16 weeks!

Guaranteed results or your money back!

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for every mum

This program is the smartest and fastest way for mums (regardless of how long ago they gave birth) to strengthen their core and pelvic floor, seal Diastasis Recti and safely lose the pregnancy weight.

I will personally guide you step-by-step to get a flat tummy without performing hundreds of crunches, doing exhausting cardio sessions or extreme diets.



This is not a marketing trick. I can only work up to 50 mums at a time and this exclusive group is almost maxed out.

Hey đź‘‹

Renata here…

If you are reading this then you must be interested in starting to work on your core and pelvic floor safely. Sealing Diastasis Recti, losing weight and getting flat tummy… and this is your first step in doing so.

Now, I love postnatal fitness and coaching mums – outside of my kids and family, it’s my #1 passion in life.

But why on earth should you listen to me?

Well, you don’t have to, of course!

Over the past 4 years, I’m someone who transformed her own body and health after having 4 kids in under 8 years.

I’ve done it – from overweight and exhausted mum of 4 small kids to now fit and healthy energetic mum homeschooling 3 out 4 kids…

From mummy pouch and Diastasis Recti to strong core and flat tummy.

From zero confidence to posting my photos in bikini on Instagram (I would’ve never done that a few years back!)

And now I want to help you achieve the same.

My main focus is to help as many mums as possible to completely change their health, fitness, body and confidence!

Last year, over 7000 (seven thousand) women around the world joined my programs.

This year I want to do even more and better…

Bottom line, I’m on a mission to help ambitious mums like yourself to reach the next level of health and fitness in their life and to transform their life!

Why I created the Flat Mummy Tummy Method?

After my fourth child, I really struggled with my body and my confidence.

I had mummy tummy that I couldn’t get rid of, 4 fingers wide Diastasis Recti, I leaked urine when sneezing and running, back pain was preventing me from really enjoying my life…

I thought I would never be able to become the fit and healthy woman I wanted to be. I was weak and tired all the time! With no motivation to do workouts. I knew very well, this is not the person I want to be and this is not the role model I wanted to be for my kids!

This is when I started to learn and study postnatal fitness, personal training and nutrition. 

I became a certified postnatal specialist * so I can help myself and other mums who are struggling as I did. I believed that by becoming a mother we shouldn’t stop caring about our health and fitness. The opposite actually! It is our responsibility to be healthy and fit for our kids.

Over the following years, we have to be able to keep up with our kids and to enjoy all the activities as they grow up. We are their role models. What they see is what they do.

I don’t want my kids to see me struggling with my fitness and not being able to walk for a few miles without exhausting myself. I have decided to be as fit as possible for my kids!

I always had a passion for helping others from a young age and I truly enjoy guiding mums and seeing them thriving. Over the past years, I helped countless mums to get fit again, to seal their Diastasis Recti and to get their functional bodies back.

But there was one common roadblock I kept noticing. 

The first 3-4 months were the toughest for mums because there was a foundation phase where mums need to learn how to engage their muscles correctly and how to breathe during movements. 


They needed to be guided through and educated in terms of training and properly executing the workouts so they can see the results.  

This is my inspiration!


Online fitness space is filled with so much MISINFORMATION that's not serving you.

They will tell you it is safe to start working out 6 weeks after birth not even mentioning that some exercises and activities can make more harm than good.

They will say you have to exhaust your body by doing high impact intensity training, working out 6 days per week for two hours and eating on a calorie deficit that will starve you and make you feel exhausted.

They will tell you that you can’t lose weight with low impact exercises and that you won’t have abs ever again if you don’t do sit-ups and crunches.

Some trainers don’t even want to work with mums who can’t keep up with their crazy schedules and who don’t have a gym membership. And then they make you feel like you are a failure for not being able to keep up with them…

Are you kidding me? All your hard-earned money and time you’ll never get back!

So why are the conventional fitness trainers failing you?


They are not educated to work with mums. They don’t know what a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, birth and after in postnatal period. Most online trainers don’t tailor their training for your individual needs, the period of your life where you are starting from and your unique needs and goals.

Trust me I’ve seen it happen over and over again when mums come to me for the first time confused as to why what they did in the past didn’t work for them, which wasted their time and took them even further from their goal.

Does it make sense to give an advanced training routine to a new mum that just had a baby a few weeks before and is just starting over again? 


Unless you want to exhaust yourself and become even more tired than you are now!

fit woman

You see, these online programs fail you because they are too extreme for mums and their bodies. They are NOT tailored to how your body is changing and responding to changes in the first year after birth and beyond. 

If you continue to do these generic online programs, you’ll have generic results. 

Are you starting to get it?


But what is the solution?

I’m glad you asked!

The solution is your Mum Transformation Coach. The one who’s already walked a mile in your shoes. 

That’s why it’s important to have someone to guide you.

That said, I have one rule that I will follow when working with mums…

It must be sustainable and doable for women with small kids, from a training, nutrition and life aspect or else it won’t last!


16-week Flat Mummy Tummy Method

The only complete transformation program for sealing Diastasis Recti, losing weight after birth and achieving flat tummy without exhausting exercises & restrictive diets.

The smartest and fastest way for moms, regardless of how long ago they gave birth to strengthen their core and pelvic floor, seal Diastasis Recti and safely lose the pregnancy weight.

I will guide you step-by-step to get a flat tummy without performing hundreds of crunches, doing exhausting cardio sessions or extreme diets… all while getting the strong and functional body back.

Over the next 16 weeks, we are going to work together and I will show you exactly how to train safely so that you can regain your health back, get your core functionality back, lose the tummy and feel stronger than ever.

This means we are focusing on the highly effective method and my 4 phase training system.

Don’t get scared! That just means that you will be working WITH your body, not on your body.

This GUARANTEES you’ll see consistent progress over the next 4 months. You’ll build a strong foundation by rebuilding core and pelvic strength and you’ll see your stomach getting stronger and flatter while fitting into your favourite clothes again.

No more wasting time and money on diets and non-manageable fitness plans.

…and I’d love to show you how if you are ready to completely change your life and your body!


Will it work for me?

The answer is YES – if you are ready to work.

Because I will be giving you the same strategy I used on myself and other clients to completely transform my body, to strengthen my core, to seal Diastasis Recti, to lose all the pregnancy weight and get the flat tummy I wanted so badly.

This is the same strategy that led me from an overweight mum of four kids with zero confidence and a huge mummy pouch to a confident and fit mum with a strong core and flat tummy.

I wasn’t able to run more than 10 minutes without leaking or even do 10 bodyweight squats. Today, I squat with more than 40kg (90 pounds) and can hip thrust more than my body weight (57kg or 125 pounds) and all this with no leaking and no back pain.

I have experienced every spectrum of physical transformation and it’s with that experience and knowledge that I’ve created the Flat Mummy Tummy Method. So I know this program is capable of delivering amazing results.


Here are some results my clients got!

Nicole lost 9.5 kg (21 pounds) in the first 3 months of using my method and she feels happier and healthier than she ever did!

Helga was beyond happy to finally see progress on her tummy that she was struggling with for years before after discovering my method. 

This is her progress in 2 months and she since lost 20kg (44 pounds)!

This is the initial progress Rosalyn got after just a few weeks on the FMTM program. She also lost 2% body fat during that time!

Check out some messages they sent me...



What do I get inside?


4 Phase Training System

$1500 value

A 4 phase system created specifically for mums who have been through pregnancy and birth:

  • Phase 1: Foundation – building a strong foundation for your life-long transformation
  • Phase 2: Restore – restoring your muscle functionality
  • Phase 3: Strength – to strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles with safe but challenging workouts
  • Phase 4: Level Up – we’ll increase the intensity while maintaining safe and manageable workouts to get the most results for you!


Nutrition & Meal Plan

$500 value

We are going to cover nutrition from two aspects in this program.

  1. The first is the healing properties of nutrition to Diastasis Recti and rebuilding the midline. Certain foods can help with healing your body and others can make it slower. You will be guided exactly what you should eat to aid the healing.
  2. The other aspect is nutrition for overall health and weight loss. I’ll show you how to eat healthy to lose weight safely but at the same time nourish your body with the nutrients that it desperately needs. There are no restrictive diets in our Nutrition Program. Food is fuel and you will learn how to fuel your body properly.


You will learn how to create a meal plan for your individual needs and you will get a food list and access to my favourite tried & tested 50+ family recipes.


Body Posture & Alignment

$197 value

A full step-by-step guide to improve your body alignment and posture.

Body alignment is essential to a strong core. If your body is not in optimal alignment, core muscles have no opportunity to turn on during your daily movements. Improving posture together with the workout plan is the reason why my clients get results.

You will get step-by-step guide on how to check your posture and how to improve it. This will take you zero additional time. Just a tiny bit of your mental focus a few times per day.


Stretching routine

$197 value

A full-body stretching routine to relax and lengthen the muscles to prepare your body even better for changes. You will improve your flexibility, avoid body stiffness and be less prone to injury. A relaxing session will help you breathe more optimally to enhance your progress.

Get ready to transform your body into an asset with zero limitations!


Hormone Optimiser

$250 value

Hormones are what define us in the period after birth. They can have a huge impact on our life, mood, health, sleep and motivation. In this guide, I will show you exactly how can you optimise your hormones to support your body. These small changes and optimisations had major positive effects on my clients – from more motivation to better sleep and being less tired. Yes, this is what every mum needs.

We are going to go through your stress levels and learn how to reduce them easily. You will join my Sleep Camp and start your Self Care journey, the effects of which will be mind-blowing.

Get ready to fall asleep faster, get quality sleep and wake up rested!


Personal Coaching

$7000 value

To ensure your results I will be working with you individually! This includes:

  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Weekly form and posture checks
  • Monthly 1-on-1 calls
  • Access to my personal WhatsApp 



What to expect & what is expected from you?

Ever bought a program that didn’t work for you? Read this to make sure you know what to expect!

Four Phase Flat Mummy Tummy Method (Foundation, Restore, Strengthen, Level Up)

You will have 24/7 access to me at all times via WhatsApp, messages or email. I will always respond in under 45 minutes during business hours.

Weekly check-ins. I will make sure you are doing the workouts and that you are staying accountable. We will go through everything that has been working for you, but also for what hasn’t been working and we are going to make tweaks to find things that work FOR YOU individually.

Weekly form checks. I will personally check your form weekly and give you detailed feedback on what to improve and how to get better at what you are doing. This is especially important in the first phase where you are wondering if you are doing this breathing correctly. There is no guessing, you will know exactly what to work on and how.

Monthly one-to-one calls with me to assess your progress and set you up for the next phase. You will be supported every step of the way.

You can expect a serious and dedicated approach to your goals and journey on every phase of this program from my side. I will always be straightforward with you and I expect nothing but commitment and trust from you.

You will be required to take before and after photos during this program so we can follow on your progress each month.

Who is this for?

Who is this NOT for?


Will there be accountability?


You will have access to me all the time and I have created a system where we will do a weekly check-in so I can give you personal and individual feedback. You are going to have monthly one-on-one calls with me.

If you are ever feeling down, or have some unplanned life events happen I am there to adjust your training and progress based on what you are going through.

That’s the beauty of having your very own transformation coach. I can help you adapt when lifting isn’t being so flexible.


What is the investment?

A better question is, what’s this worth?

While you could always hire me to train you in person, at 90$ per session, you would be looking at $450 a week or $1800 per month. That’s $7200 for 16 weeks! After 16 weeks you would be amazed by your progress and results and it will be worth every penny. If you can afford it!

You can always keep guessing it on your own and trying different programs promising mind-blowing results in 10 days. You can keep buying them and wonder what you are supposed to do and how. In the next few months, the only thing that will get slimmer is your wallet.

There is always the option of hiring another coach for a couple of thousands of dollars, who doesn’t take the sustainable approach and is not educated to work with mums at this level. You might lose weight, but you might need more expensive physiotherapy afterwards that will cost you thousands.

To get started and claim one of the final spots your investment is NOT even close to $7200 to work with me!

It’s not even half of that…

The price of this program is $1996.


2 monthly payments of $998


A one-time payment of $1996


4 monthly payments of $499

trusted-certificates (1)


Guaranteed results or your money back!

Not sure? Let me make it even simpler.

I am going to let you get started today with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t get results after implementing everything I show you, simply message me and I’ll give you a full refund.

Sounds fair enough?

That’s how convinced I am that you are going to love the results.


Why is it so affordable?

It’s my mission to help as many mums as I can to reclaim their health and fitness back, seal their Diastasis Recti and get a flat tummy.

I believe that coaching should be 100% affordable for everyone and you shouldn’t have to go into debt to get in great shape and be healthy.

The “Flat Mummy Tummy Method” is the best program available for mums and I want to allow you to improve your life and get your confidence back after having kids with a super affordable program that is different to anything you have done before.

My ultimate vision is to move you through each phase of the program so you can get in the best shape of your life! 

The number of kids doesn’t define your fitness and success. This is the best time to get to the best shape ever!

I am excited to help you start changing your life and your health and fitness from a mum body to an even better, stronger and more confident mum body!

people usually ask me

Q: Can I buy now & start later?
Yes! You can buy now and start any time later when you feel ready. Make sure to get the benefit of the discounted price before it goes up. Once you purchase the program you can start later and your coaching only begins when you complete the initial check-in forms.
Q: When can I start after giving birth?
I recommend to start after you are cleared by your doctor for working out. Allow yourself enough time to heal after giving birth and then start when you feel you are ready for it.
Q: I gave birth 10+ years ago. Can I still join?
Yes, it’s never too late to start healing your core. The core muscles work in a similar way as any other muscle in our body. Once we learn how to contract and relax them in a right way great things can happen. I will show you that here…
Q: What equipment do I need?
The entire program can be done without buying any equipment. I do recommend that you have a few cheap things but these can be easily replaced by everyday items.

In the first month you’ll need a light resistance band and a small pilates ball. From the second month you’ll also need a pair of small dumbbells.

Detailed guide and links to equipment are included in the intro section of the program.
Q: Do I need a gym membership?
No, FMTM is a program you can do at home, no gym membership needed! There is limited equipment needed but you can do it with no equipment at all and still get the results you want. It’s all up to you now!
Q: What payment methods are accepted?
We take all major prepaid, debit or credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay (on supported devices) and PayPal. You can choose your payment method after completing personal details on our secure checkout page.
Q: How can I know the payment is secure?
We use industry leading payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal which are the most secure ways to pay online. Your card details or any other financial information is never stored on our servers and is transmitted to Stripe or PayPal securely, using the industry standard SSL certificate (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption).

I was too busy with my son to care about my weight. I struggled to loose weight in the usual ways. Renata made a huge change – I lost 20kg (44 pounds) and none of them came back since!




2 monthly payments of $998


A one-time payment of $1996


4 monthly payments of $499

trusted-certificates (1)

* My certifications:

  • Advanced Postnatal Welness Practitioner, Level 2 at Burrell Education (NASM Approved provider)
  • Natalstrength® certificate from Burrell Education (NASM Approved provider)
  • Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor, Level 3 diploma from New Skills Academy
  • Nutrition & Hydration Certificate from New Skills Academy

â“’ 2020 - The Kangaroo Method is a registered business name of The Kangaroo Family Limited, a company registered in Ireland, company registration number 669766. Our address is: 77 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02 XE80, Ireland

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