Discover how other mums got rid of the mummy pouch without ever doing a single crunch!

Join thousands of mums in my 14-day Core Recovery Challenge and start healing your core and pelvic floor now.

Attention all mums!


This has the ability to improve mum's bodies and quality of life faster and better than any other exercise program or diet alone.

Watch this short video and discover how I healed my core after 4 kids! ?

I am Renata Sanko, personal trainer, certified postnatal specialist and a mum of four kids.

I have given birth 4 times in under 8 years, and I gained over 50 kg (110 lbs) during my pregnancies.

Before I decided to change my life and live a healthier and fulfilling life I struggled really bad.

After my pregnancies, I faced horrible symptoms like leaking urine when jumping or sneezing. I even had to wear pads to get out of the house ?, I had severe back pain and mummy pouch that just wouldn’t go away.

My postpartum period was real torture.

I had a demanding baby, our breastfeeding journey was extremely challenging and I developed postnatal anxiety. Something, that apparently is not so much talked about.

I was living a real nightmare.

I was afraid for my kids, for myself... I was afraid of everything.

I gained weight, my symptoms were becoming worse and I felt massive mum guilt every time I said my kids I can’t play with them, run or jump on the trampoline.

I learned how to make excuses for my symptoms that were preventing me from being the mother I wanted to be...and the wife I once used to be.

I had 4 fingers wide Diastasis Recti  and a huge mummy tummy and I was wearing pregnancy clothes.

I was wearing pads because I was afraid I would pee my pants in public.

I lied to my kids I can’t jump on the trampoline because I would pee myself every time I jump.

But one day I touched the ground when a friend of mine asked me if I'm expecting again...

It hit me so hard!

I knew I had to do something to change my life and to become the person I once was...

I started learning, researching and I made a decision to finally take my life in my own hands...

I soon realised that all of my symptoms were caused by a weak core and pelvic floor muscles and a 4 finger-wide Diastasis Recti.

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

And then, in less than a year I:

  • Closed my Diastasis Recti to functional 1 finger width
  • Lost over 20 kg and finally got abs!
  • Improved my pelvic floor function and stopped leaking urine once and for all
  • Started lifting weights and doing high-intensity exercises I never dreamed I would

So, what am I talking about?

After years of research, I learned four things why mums can’t get rid off the mummy pouch and can’t heal their core and pelvic floor...

Mummy pouch is often caused by Diastasis Recti or abdominal separation.

This is widening of a gap in your abdominal muscles and it is happening at Linea Alba, the connective tissue in the middle of the abdomen. The tissue is widening and stretching and losing its elasticity.

Many mums want to lose weight after birth and start with rigorous exercises that will actually make their condition worse!

Many exercises like crunches and sit-ups should be avoided when dealing with abdominal separation. By doing this kind of exercises that many personal trainers and influencers recommend mums are only making their condition much worse!

Mums endure painful and embarrassing symptoms all the time!

Many mums also face  symptoms like leaking urine when sneezing and coughing, incontinence, pressure down there, backache and bad posture.

They are not enjoying sex like they used to before kids!

This is often caused by Diastasis Recti.

Doctors don’t assess mothers for pelvic issues or Diastasis Recti

Many mums don’t know there is a solution because no one told them! They don't have to endure these symptoms.

It is never late to start healing!

The 14 day Core Recovery Challenge is for you if:

  • You are new mum trying to lose her post-baby belly.
  • You are frustrated because no matter how you exercise you can’t get rid of mummy pouch.
  • You have Diastasis Recti or abdominal separation.
  • You have experienced back pain or leaking urine while jumping or running.
  • You are not enjoying your sexual life as before kids.
  • You are experiencing the feeling of pressure ‘down there’ and you feel like your intestines will drop out.
  • You are feeling that something is off with your body and you are ready to find out what.

If you are reading this and thinking "Yes! This is exactly what I feel like!" then this challenge is for you!

  • Every mum deserves to feel good in her body!
  • Every mum should be able to play, run and jump with kids with no leaking accidents and pain!
  • Every mum deserves to get to know her body and learn how to heal her core!

And in case you were wondering, this 14-day Core Recovery Challenge is perfect for all:

  • new mums
  • mums that have multiple kids
  • mums that have grown up kids
  • mums that are expecting

Actually, every woman could benefit from this challenge.

Join the Core Recovery Challenge today and in just 14 days you will discover:

Why mums don’t have to do hours of cardio and hundreds of sit-ups to get a flat tummy after kids?

Why more exercise can make your symptoms worse and your belly bigger?

The #1 mistake mums make after starting an exercise program after giving birth!

Finally, learn what is Diastasis Recti, how it affected mums bodies and how to heal it.

It's not your fault you have been struggling with embarrassing symptoms that prevent you to be a mother, wife and woman you dreamed to be.

Mums are not given the right tools to recover their body properly after birth and the medical community is just keen on ignoring women's health and wellbeing.

This challenge is a shortcut to finally take control of your body.

Here is the truth.

I can’t tell you how many times have I wished to have a flat tummy after having all four of my kids. How many times I quit exercising seeing no results at all and how desperately I was trying to improve my body image…

I spent hours doing exhausting workouts that made me feel drained, hours and hours trying to improve my quality of life and prevent leaks, urgency, back pain that were keeping me on hold all the time…

The key to healing is to learn how to use your core and pelvic muscles correctly. Wake them up and start using them daily. Make and implement daily changes in your life and stay consistent…

Now is the perfect time to start learning and working on your mum body. I was there where you are today and I can help you.

Here's how it works:

  • When you join the Core Recovery Challenge you will be accepted to our private community of more than 5000 mums where you will get education, exercises and guidance to help you jumpstart your progress. 
  • You will get 2 Core Recovery workouts - one for the first week and the other one for the second week. These are designed to get the maximum benefit by doing the exercises in a correct way.
  • Each of the workouts includes 5 specific core exercises that you will repeat two times. You are guided through each movement so you can make sure you are performing it correctly.
  • Exercises are in guided follow-along with format with detailed but easy to follow instructions. You can also download a PDF summary.
  • You will start each day from the individualised schedule that will guide you through the challenge, as well as daily accountability remainders.
  • You will also get an educational course to help you better understand how healing core functions and as well more bonuses that await you inside.
  • We have our private Facebook group for support and accountability where you can win some amazing prizes every month!
  • When you join the challenge you will get understating on why you were struggling in the past, supportive community and easy to follow exercises.
  • It only takes 20 minutes per day!

What you will get when you join the Core Recovery Challenge:

Follow-along core workouts to start healing your core and pelvic floor.

Daily guidance on your personal schedule and daily accountability emails with additional support and motivation.

Easy to understand educational online course to help you better understand how to heal Diastasis Recti and improve your symptoms.

Additional eBooks, PDFs and printables to help you even further and help you plan your workouts.

Support, accountability and access to private Facebook group with other mums. More than 5000 mums around the world are doing the challenge!

What mums are saying about the challenge...

Let me show you everything you will get when you join the Core Recovery Challenge:

  • Core workouts in a guided follow-along video format and a personalised schedule. ($47 value)
  • Theory guide with detailed suggestions and instructional videos. ($37 value)
  • Access to private Facebook group and daily accountability emails. ($29 value)
  • Lifetime access to all materials, workouts and guides. (invaluable)

Total value: $113+

Reserve your spot now for just:


This is truly a limited offer so register yourself now and get your 14-day Core Recovery Challenge for just $1 a day!

"My only regret is that I didn't know about this sooner!" Ashleigh M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions.

Can I get the full results from this challenge?

This is a core exercise challenge to jumpstart your healing journey. It also offers comprehensive education you need to start your healing process.

Keep in mind that this is a 14-day challenge designed to provide you with an understanding of issues you may face and provide you with complete workout solution for bi-weekly schedule. If you follow the regular schedule, you will definitely see some progress and improvements on your body and core muscles.

Is this a trial and will I be expected to buy anything later on?

This is not a trial, it is a complete challenge with instant access to everything detailed on this page. You are not expected to buy anything else. You will get full and lifetime access to Core Recovery Challenge after purchase.

You will also be offered some of our other products that might complement your order but there is no obligation to buy any of them - you still get your 14-day Core Recovery Challenge for this low price. 

How much time do I need for exercises each day?

The workouts are around 15-20 minutes long. I recommend that you do them 5 days per week, but you can also do them every day if you wish so.

What equipment do I need?

This entire challenge can be done without buying any special equipment. I do recommend to have a light resistance band only, but you won’t be missing out if you do everything with no equipment at all.

If you don't have the light resistance band you can use a pair of old tights or leggings instead. I’m using a powerbands loop, but feel free to just wrap your resistance band (or tights/leggings) around your legs if you don’t own a loop.

Do I need a gym membership for this challenge?

No, The Core Recovery Challenge is a program you can do at home, no gym membership needed! There is limited equipment needed but you can do the challenge with no equipment at all and still get the results you want. It's all up to you now!

I gave birth 10 years ago can I still join the challenge?

Yes, it's never too late to start healing your core. The core muscles work in a similar way as any other muscle in our body. Once we learn how to contract and relax them in a right way great things can happen. I will show you that here...

Can I do this during pregnancy?

Some exercises in this challenge are safe to do during pregnancy and some are less safe. You can join the Core Recovery Challenge and modify the exercises as needed. Make sure you are cleared to exercise during pregnancy by your care provided before starting this or any other exercise routine.

Once joined you get lifetime access to this challenge so you can always join now and do the full workouts during your postpartum period. 

Does this challenge have video exercises or will I only get PDF documents?

You get both! Every workout has a follow-along video guiding you through the exercises step-by-step. Just click play and start the workout with me. It works perfect on any device and is fully optimized for a mobile phone.

You also get downloadable PDF summaries and transcripts for each workout so you can work out at your time and pace.

How do I sign up?

To join the 14-day Core Recovery Challenge click on the "Join Now" button on this page. You will be redirected to a checkout form where you can sign up for the challenge in just a couple of seconds. Once complete you will get instant access to our members-only area where you can find your schedule and workouts.

You will receive some confirmation emails with your purchase receipt, link to our members' area and special link to create your password so keep an eye on your mailbox.

Make sure to use a valid email so you can receive all the goodies!

What payment methods are available?

We take all major prepaid, debit or credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We also accept Apple Pay (on supported devices) and PayPal. You can choose your payment method after completing personal details on our secure checkout page.

How do I know if the payment is safe?

We use industry leading payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal which are the most secure ways to pay online. Your card details or any other financial information is never stored on our servers and is transmitted to Stripe or PayPal securely, using the industry standard SSL certificate (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption). Check out Stripe and PayPal to read more on their security systems.

Is my information safe and private?

Yes! Your information is completely safe. We will never sell your information to anyone or use it for any other purpose than providing you with this service as part of Core Recovery Challenge and The Kangaroo Method. The data we ask for is minimal, we only need:

  • your full name for registration
  • your email address for contact
  • your payment details that are processed on a secure system and encrypted

We will never ask for any other information.

You can find more details on how we process your information in our Privacy Policy.

What if I need more help?

If you have any questions at all just send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you very soon. 

If you still have any questions about the program send us an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you soon. 

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