Hi, I am Renata Sankofounder of The Kangaroo Method, personal trainer and a certified postnatal specialist. I'm on a mission to help women heal and regain their body after giving birth.

I take a different approach than most trainers out there promising quick results.

I believe in empowering and educating women about how to get back in control over their body after birth by teaching them HOW to exercise, HOW to eat healthy and HOW to change their daily routine to get where they want to be.

I want for every women after giving birth to get an opportunity to heal their body properly and learn how to do it correctly. I believe this should be routinely done free of charge by hospitals and medical community. That is why I offer high quality free exercise program and free education for every women!

I don’t promise quick results, I promise weeks and weeks of hard work to get you to results. If you are not willing to commit to work hard this is not the page for you!

Years ago, I struggled badly with my body and endured years of painful and embarrassing symptoms...

I gave birth to 4 kids in 8 years, gained over 50kg (110lbs) during my pregnancies, I looked 12 weeks pregnant with mummy pouch that I couldn’t get rid off.

My last postpartum recovery was “pure torture“.

I had a demanding baby and lot of breastfeeding issues early on, my body was aching and my nutrition was a mess.

I developed postpartum anxiety and feared to even get out of the house...

I had four fingers wide Diastasis Recti and huge mummy pouch that made me wear pregnancy clothes for 6 months after birth.

I had to leave my house wearing pads because I leaked urine when I laughed or sneezed.

I was afraid to laugh and enjoy my life...

I could barely do everyday things like lifting my kids and running around them in the park.

I had zero libido and felt massive guilt every time I told my partner I am not into it...

No one ever warned me that postpartum will hit me so hard and how it can affect every single part of my life...

Doctors would just tell me I am perfectly healthy. That all I need is just to start working out and go on a diet to lose my belly fat.

No doctor ever assessed me for Diastasis Recti or sent me to women's health physical therapist. 

All they said to me is to do my Kegels and that this is normal after so many kids!

But this is not normal!

I made a goal to heal myself and now I want to scream to every women around that there is something you can do, you don’t have to endure!

I want for every woman to get back in control over her body and her life. 

By becoming a mum, you haven’t stopped existenting as a women. All you need to is to learn how to be in control again.

I want to teach you how and I will do as much as I can to help every women that is going through this daily...

Check out my programs below to get started.

Core Recovery Challenge

This is a 14-day challenge suitable for every mum, no matter if you gave birth a month ago or 10 years ago.

This challenge will allow you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles following a comprehensive 14-day program designed for every mum and completely safe and beneficial for every mum healing Diastasis Recti.

The Kangaroo Method

The Kangaroo Method is a 12-week science-based exercise program for mums. It included everything you need to finally heal your core and pelvic floor muscles.

You will get 12 weeks of progressive core specific exercises and total-body exercises in a follow along video format. You will also get access to The Kangaroo Guide - our premium digital course on postpartum healing and our exclusive mum only Community.

Mum Posture Fix Challenge

This is our exclusive challenge to improve mum posture in just 14 days.

You will get access to everything you need to improve your posture once and for all, including a number of instructional videos and stretches and tips to incorporate daily to get the best results.

You will also get access to our Posture & Alignment Masterclass and Body Alignment Guidebook.