Get rid of your pouch!

The Kangaroo Method is a science-based exercise program for mums. Lose your mummy pouch in 12 weeks and feel confident again...

Postpartum Recovery

The Kangaroo Method includes all-important core exercises to strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles in a safe way...

Weight Loss

Total-body exercises help to lose fat and build lean muscle while being safe and beneficial for healing after giving birth.

Support & Guidance

You are supported every step of the way. We have all the interactive guides you need, mum only community and much more...

Who am I?

Hi, I am Renata Sanko, founder of The Kangaroo Method, personal trainer and a certified postnatal specialist. I’m on a mission to help women heal and regain their body after giving birth.

I take a different approach than most trainers out there promising quick results.

What our graduates are saying?

I can barely recognise myself. I feel different. My body is firmer, my diastasis is closed and I even lost 12 pounds as a bonus…

Abbey C.

first-time mum

Not only my core is stronger and my Diastasis improved, but my sex life has never been better! I would recommend this program to every woman that went through pregnancy and childbirth!

Vanessa L.

mum of 5

My pelvic floor feels different and firmer and there is no more "accidentally peeing myself situations". My core is stronger and the best part is - I know how to control and use it correctly!

Rosalia M.

mum of three

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Join my 14-day Core Recovery Challenge

Get rid of mummy pouch that makes mums look pregnant when they are actually not. This challenge is suitable for every mum, no matter if you gave birth a month ago or 10 years ago!

Useful Articles

Read more about postpartum fitness and mum health on our blog. This includes articles on Diastasis Recti, nutrition, and so much more...

Diastasis Recti FAQ

It can be hard to find relevant information on Diastasis Recti in one place. That's why I created this page with frequently asked questions.

Our programs

My mission is to help as many women as I can to heal after giving birth. My programs (both free and paid) are designed to do that so check them out.

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